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  • Hi all,
    Lets say this upfront to get it out of the way - I am a Liverpool fan. I hope nobody starts the usual #$%$ that gets thrown between the usual fans of these two clubs, as I try to ensure that I am respectful to anyone that posts, and I expect the same back.
    Just wondered what your boards thoughts on the rumoured 80 million move Chelsea are lineing up for Messi? He is amazing (the only player who can match Ronaldo at the moment) but 80 million? If this sort of money gets spent, then the running of a club within its means (what it generates) becomes laughable. Don't think that I am attacking Chelsea for spending the money - who wouldn't, but when a club is able to spend more on one player than other teams in the same division's first team combined, then something has gone wrong with the English game.
    As I said this is not a dig at Chelsea (you just happen to be the club that is being linked) it is more a question of whether Chelsea fans think that this trend is ruining football in this country. I know it will never change etc etc - I am just asking for your moral viewpoint on the matter.

    Congratulations on reaching the final.


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