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    Consultation with bert_merris re: one of his patients


    Salutations etc etc whatever , cut to the chase , I am a lifelong fan of the fine old merseyside team Liverpool. However , I am the rancid hog , and as such may in fact cannibalize any who carelessly leave their necks exposed for devouring. Its a jungle out there. I have a question regarding a poster on yon chelsea message boards ......one rob datta. Methinks the wee lad is perhaps quite insane ( his misguided hatred / envy for our side stands as exhibit A ) . Now , since you yourself are bordering on ......Hmmmm....well , being kind of way out there ( no nastyness intended ) , perhaps you could enlighten one confused rancid hog as to what motivates this sad hatred-filled child rob datta.

    Perhaps he had a Liverpudlian mother who gave him over into child employment into some disgusting constantly-kneeling type job. Poor rob datta. And now hatred consumes his every waking moment. Robbie...robbie .....robbie.....forget your sordid past.....no one need ever know.

    So , how best to deal with this poor sod. I really do feel pity for the miserable little fellow. Would helping to pay for his massive weekly psychiatric costs be help enough?

    Rancid Hog


    Albatross...........what flavour?

    Flavour?.........Its a seabird , mate.

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    • Now there is an idea. Breakfast in bed.

      On a Sunday morning, eating the missus!


    • Overcrowding , out of control exploding population

      Starvation , on a massive scale.

      The two major problems facing 3rd world countries are the two listed above , too many people , and
      not enough to eat.

      Then a beam of golden sunlight !

      resurect Cannibalism !!!

      Even a blind hog occasionally finds an acorn.

      Chew on that.

      Bon appetite.

    • Herr wengersanass bad form , very bad form. And what did the rancid hog ever do to get you frothing at the gums?

      All doctor merris and myself seem to have in common is an apparent liking for sarcasm and the tweaking of noses. I aint he & he aint me. I ventured onto this board merely to see what the chelsea fans talk about. Upon discovering the lunatic Datta I posed a question to mr. merris re; this fool.

      I hereby extricate myself from your feud with mr. merris. Should you ever feel the need to visit our
      Liverpool board I promise to welcome you warmly with a hearty #$%$ off chelsea #$%$" , or something of the sort.

      A barnacle scraped.

      Oh and by the way Herr wengersanass , regarding
      the ongoing feud , I think merris is carrying the play
      , maybe 70% of the possesion. You're losing boy.

    • doctor merris , getting back to patient rob dada
      ( datta ), have you completed a final diagnosis?
      We have finally procured the services of a glasgow
      tree surgeon ( limited time , limited funding ) and
      are anxious to proceed with the brain surgery. As
      mr. dada ( datta ) is related to the last king of scotland
      it is imperative that we at least make an attempt
      at curing is barking madness. He used to
      be a coyote but he's alright now-oww-ooww-ooww.
      We await your advice.