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  • A Yahoo! User May 21, 2008 17:40 Flag

    Possibly the worst CL final in living memory

    I'm predicting a very cagey and drab encounter with neither sides commiting players forward to try and win the match.

    The finals will be up there with the 2007 FA Cup Finals in terms of BORING football with both sides scared stiff of conceding first.

    Whichever team NICKS a goal first will win it.

    The two managers will instruct their men to just sit back and try to bore the living daylight out of each other in order to test which team blinks first.

    Do not expect United to play the typical Arsenal style of ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, but rather imagine the 2007 FA Cup final and 1st leg at the Nou Camp rolled into one boring match with the two teams going the whole hog to bore us silly.

    Prepare yourself for the above gloomy outlook and you will not be disappointed on the night.

    Is it the type of football we all want to watch? Absolutely NO for me, I don't know about others.

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    • yes even as chelsea fan the final lacked skill passion, and the entertainment of the european leagues, Listening to all those paid to say it was fantastic one can asume it was cat walk to sell the tv rights of the premiershit all over the world. letlook forward to e8 to enjoy some football without england we can judge how far the england squad is behind the rest of the world.