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  • Even as a liverpool supporter i must admit i was glad to see man utd win the champions league, chelsea are a disgrace to english football, the way they crowd referees is very intimidating, they behave like a gang of thugs than a team of footballers.

    As for last nights game, well drogba shamed english football with his slapping antics, up till that point the game was doing english football proud with the quality of football on show. Once again chelsea have disgraced the english game. In actual fact every thing about the club seems to be marred with bad vibe, their players are not just very disrespectful towards referees the club also seems to have a lack of respect and treasure towards trophies, as according to a breakfast tv clip last week the company who polish and repair the fa cup say every time chelsea win something the trophy/cup always gets battered and needs intensive repairs. The fa cup this year was in its worst ever state after chelsea had it from last year.

    Sad bunch of thugs spoiling a beautiful game if you ask me

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