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  • John John May 30, 2008 21:34 Flag

    Why Does This Site draw the 'Boy Racists'

    Hi Roy,

    I see you are enjoying the too's and fro's of conversation with Ian, however one point you make in the last post can be countered.

    In the last two/three years, hundreds of thousands of people looking for work came to the UK. In the last six months however, tens of thousands have now returned to their own countries. Why? you may ask.

    1. The cost of living here far outweighs the 'minimum wage' most of them were getting, making life here in some cases harder than it was in their own country.
    2. With so many having left their country to find work here, the employment situation back in their home countries has risen dramatically. Wages offered are better, and their are of course far more jobs to be had.

    What can we deduce? Life has a way of balancing the books in the long term for one.