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  • bluegrit bluegrit May 26, 2008 02:05 Flag

    italian corruption at chelsea

    no way should chelsea point an italian person to manage chelsea, with so much corruption in the italiangame chelsea have enough problems without a turf war between the russian and italian mafias,
    what wa sthe name of the french player deshamps?
    went on to be a good manager.

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    • Hmmmmmmmmmm........able to effectively
      communicate with the russian gangster on his
      own level? And yet not lose touch with the whims
      and egos of the millionaire players. What an enigma.
      Who to hire as the new top dog.

      Aha......Watson , I've solved it........as their next
      manager Chelsea needs to hire a chimpanzee.
      Works for bananas......speaks the players
      language.........relates to the owner almost as if
      they were brothers. The perfect solution.

      The hog is rooting for ya.