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    Sharia Is A Danger to us All.


    Good piece from the Telegraph and building upon a great concern of mine oft cited on this board..

    "The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips, had made some superficially plausible suggestions about the right of British Muslims to govern aspects of community life according to Sharia law. But they are plausible only if you fail to grasp the true nature of Sharia. Lord Phillips has indeed failed to grasp this. The man is a menace.

    If these proposals are accepted, the religious conventions that Muslims call "law" - and indeed form a corpus of intolerant and vengeful laws in undemocratic countries - will be granted a semi-legal status in Britain.

    The ostensible message to Muslims is: you may invoke Sharia law in financial and domestic matters not covered by the criminal law. The actual message that will be imbibed by many Muslims is: the British state has granted formal recognition to a legal code whose legitimacy transcends that of civil society and its degenerate notions of human rights.

    The Lord Chief Justice, and before him the Archbishop of Canterbury, are complicit in a project dear to the heart of freelance Islamists and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: the transformation of Britain's Pakistani community into a ghetto defined by religious beliefs incompatible with democracy.

    Islam, unlike Judaism, has the ultimate aim of subjecting every human being on the planet to its law. I don't believe that Islam will succeed in forcing non-Muslims to abide by its legal code; at least, not in the near future. But I do think that, in alliance with the asinine multiculturalists who now occupy great offices of state, Pakistanis and other people from Muslim backgrounds can be quietly coerced into submission to Sharia.

    That process will further fracture our society. Sharia law is therefore a danger to us all, even if its recognition goes no further than the Williams and Phillips scheme.

    How significant that it should take a practising Muslim Labour MP, Khalid Mahmoud, to recognise the dangers inherent in this proposal. He says: "What Lord Phillips and the Archbishop is discussing is something that is completely outside their area of understanding."

    Today's headlines were provoked by one of the country's most senior judges - but, as Mr Mahmoud recognises, it was the leader of the Church of England who first proposed this wretched notion of special laws for Muslims. Dr Williams is a decent man, but then useful idiots usually are. "

    Excellent Stuff, Bert

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