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  • Robert M Robert M Aug 8, 2008 15:54 Flag

    Can we play Bayern Munich please

    Seen on Setanta sports news roundup:

    Bayern Munich general manager Uli Hoeness has attacked Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, and even called the Russian a “mafia member”.

    Hoeness claims Abramovich manages to sign players thanks to the money he ‘steals’ from people when he ‘fixes’ the price of petrol.

    The German has pointed out manners he considers scandalous and declared beating The Blues on the pitch would be his best response against ways he dislikes.

    Those highly controversial quotes will add fuel to fire if Bayern and Chelsea face each other in the next Champions League.

    “I’m irritated when I have to tank up every week,” he told Spox. “Those petroleum mafias steal our money and use it to sign footballers.

    “This stinks and Abramovich is part of this.

    “No, he’s not my friend. Those mafias rule the entire world and manipulate petrol’s price.

    “Our best revenge would be to beat teams such as Chelsea. It would be a huge satisfaction.”