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  • Not content with trying to ruin a football club that was once an English institution, these Icelanders are now robbing British depositors in their failed banking system. None of the investments look like being protected.
    Local councils will be losing at least millions. Now I have no time for local councils, on the whole they are run by buffoons, homosexuals or corrupt ethnic self interest groups (3 sections of society dear to New Labour) but my concern is that yet again the tax payer will have to make up for the shortfall.
    Britain these days, under New Labour seems only concerned with the wishes of America, the EU, protecting child busers identities, protecting the human rights of rapists and murderers, bending over backwards to muslim radicals and ensuring safe passage of criminals and fraudsters into our once great country but now is surely the time to stand up for British interests.
    Now is not yet the time to harm any citizens of Iceland physically over the behaviour of their banks and politicians but some gun boat diplomacy would not go a miss. Despite New Labour reducing our fine Navy to one comparable in size to that of Belgium, Britannia can still rule the waves - I am advocatiog a complete blockade of Icelands ports and airspace until they refund British depositors.
    Come on Gordon, invoke the spirit of Nelson, Elizabeth 1, Wellington, Churchill and Thatcher(what a marvellous leader she was) - the old lion can roar once more - you know what you have to do!

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