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  • razorblade razorblade Oct 21, 2008 20:31 Flag

    oz prison food


    Is it any surprise that radical Muslims are going from strength to strength and that the West is seen as ineffectual, weak and pandering when we read stories such as this one? A Muslim convicted of child sex offences has been awarded $2000 compensation because he was not provided with Halal meat while serving his time in a Queensland jail.

    To me that just seems plain wriong. How would the parents of the childen he molested feel? The guy is a convicted child sex offender which on the scale of offence is the lowest of the low. I reckon part of your punishment should be to forfeit any claim to special dietary requirements (except possibly in extreme medical cases) while you serve your term. He wasn't forced to eat any foods he objected to, he just didn't get the foods he wanted. I'm sorry, but we've gone too far in pandering to prisoners' sensitivities when it comes to this.

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