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  • Anyway, the man whom this very long preamble leads up to is one Juliano Belletti (right), and my reasoning goes thusly. When he was bought, he came with fine pedigree but, let’s be honest, no hearts were set racing. He was aging. He was the fallback position after we’d failed to buy the Sevilla right-back Daniel Alves, now strutting his stuff with the blaugrana. And, after a few games, it became clear that actually, he wasn’t a very good fullback. His tackling is usually rubbish. He isn’t lightning quick. Chelsea haven’t signed many Brazilians but when we have, they’ve invariably - in fact, always - been defenders. Emerson Thome, anyone? Alex, of course - and what a good buy he’s looking now - and Belletti.

    Felipao - if he’ll allow me to call him that - seems to have chalked up another incredible transformation. From mediocre (albeit World Cup and Champions League-winning) fullback to dynamic right-sided midfielder with a penchant for scoring goal-of-the-season contenders. He’s scored 3 or 4 for us and they’ve all been 30-yard curling missile strikes. Spurs. Wigan. And now Boro. And alongside Lampard and Mikel in the midfield this weekend, he was excellent. Go back to MotD’s coverage and have a look at their little Belletti feature. He’s always moving, always looking for the ball. Chelsea were rampant and he was a prime mover in getting the ball into dangerous positions. Good passing, excellent awareness, and topped off with a peach of a goal. And I’d assumed he’d be moving on last summer.

    much love,

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