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    Ross, Brand and the TV Licence


    Not being a fan of Messrs Brand or 'Woss' I will
    dwell upon these overpaid and undertalented specimens just long enough to summarize them and the moronic prank they visited upon the much loved actor Mr Sachs thus..

    Disgusting Stuff!

    But what is massively more disgusting is that the BBC continue to extort , by threat and intimidation, one hundred and forty odd pounds from the Great British public In order to provide this pathetic "public service broadcasting' as they put it.

    And do you know that the obscene amounts lavished on Mr Ross by the BBC ( some £6 Million pounds a year) are partly financed by insisting that
    those misfortunate persons who are

    still have to dig into their incomes to pay the licence fee!!

    Don't believe it? then look..

    "Do I need a TV Licence if I am blind or severely sight impaired?"

    "If you are blind or severely sight impaired, you need a TV Licence to use any TV receiving equipment to watch or record television programmes as they're being shown on TV.

    This includes the use of a TV set, digital box, DVD or video recorder, computer or mobile phone."


    Quite frankly, this telling detail sums up
    the indefensibility of this anachronistic organization perfectly.

    This reprehensible money grabbing monolith is a national disgrace and should be dismantled and made to earn its living like the rest of us.

    Best Regards, Bert "cuffy' Merries
    (at your service)

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