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  • Alan H Alan H Jan 9, 2009 18:51 Flag


    Have you gone off the Hammers Tilton? And I would have expected a civil upstanding chap like you to have given a view on this one.
    But there you go, more concerned about bouncing incorrect people's names about than getting down to it.
    As regards totty, contact Zambezi. He choked on his viagra when he tackled one of our local beauties.
    Now get back to the Chelsea board and throw an opinion out.

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    • "Have you gone off the Hammers Tilton?"

      Tilton Road, Alan, is THE end at St Andrews...home of the worlds greatest under achievers after Newcastle. My town.

      Hammers is my spiritual guest home along with other such celebrities as Kipperroy, Zambezi, Mick NUFC, Devilgal, and an assortment of Yid's.

      Funny thing is...you seem familiar somehow....have you ever posted as someone else?

      My view ........ This board can be heavy, but there are good posters here, and also some drongo's too...same as anywhere else....and as for the cash situation ? The money in this game can make or break a team...wouldn't take much for the 'Empires ' to come crashing down ' if the rich pulled out for pastures new.

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      • Thanks for the information Tilton, all absorbed and appreciated. Have I posted as somebody, else well no but most enjoying coming on and feeling the atmosphere. It's just the fact that this board drives you to drink sometimes instead off bouncing football opinion off each other.
        Birmingham, massive club or should be--Newcastle an absolute crying shame when you consider the passion of the fans and what they have to put up with.
        You know, some fans up north here feel that Shearer has let them down and backed away from all this. What do you think?
        Chelsea fans are about to chase me off now--speak later.

      • Typo.....My Town=Brum,

        Newcastle = the worlds greatest underachievers.