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  • Alan H Alan H Jan 9, 2009 07:34 Flag


    With all due respect guys and I do mean that. Your board is rather heavy and can be depressing at times when the beautiful game is supposed to be the main topic.
    Is all this cash at the Bridge, although supposedly being held back from big Phil at the moment, making you lose contact with the game?

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    • This is the Chelsea board--well #$%$. And he's me thinking it was Wigan's.
      Thought you'd show up sooner or later to make sure nobody takes any of your space up. And by the way, whatever you're pouring down your neck it's having an adverse effect to which ever part of your head or #$%$ the words come out of. Some of your recent stuff is absolute #$%$.
      I'm waiting--when is the senor muppet coming up? Your normal approach when people don't agree with you.

    • ahh mr hegarty the oldham, hartlepool supporter......how are you this evening