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  • John John Jan 28, 2009 20:35 Flag

    Not usually one for gossip...but

    I heard this from an inside source, and after gathering up my bottom jaw, thought some of you guys would enjoy it.

    Sources inside Buckingham Palace are getting ready to announce that a member of the Royal Family has got Leukemia. Only it isn#$%$ HIV.

    This may take a while as it will not be necessary to announce anything until such time as the person actually gets sick. But they are getting ready for it just in case.

    A few years ago, it was said that a member of the Royal Family was caught in an uncompromising position with a member of staff. That member of staff was Paul Burrell. He was subsequently ordered by the family to marry a maid in service, to hide whatever homosexual tendancies he may have.

    Has the light come on yet?

    This person was provided with protection from colleagues on the basis that they knew about his tendancies, and were not happy about serving next to him.

    Another clue?

    He gets on very well with his ex-wife...still.

    C'mon, you must know it by now?

    Yes, you guessed it. Prince Andrew is bi-sexual.
    He has contracted HIV from one of his lesser known liaisons.

    So, did anyone else think it was Edward?

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