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  • When police asked Fritzel if he wanted the rest of his children informed of his arrest he said he'd rather they were kept in the dark

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    • An Austrian journalist asked a neighbour how long he had known Josef Fritzle's daughter Alice.

      "Alice?" He replied.

      "Who the F*** is Alice?"

      "You mean for 24 years....I've been living next door to Alice???"

      AN oldie but a goodie

    • I just can't find incest jokes funny. Too disturbing.

    • I think it's fair to say that Derek is by far more repulsive than slayer ever was. Slayer is just annoying, but Derek is a paedo wannabe, or maybe not a wannabe anymore.

      And in his age making incest jokes? I mean, you would sort of understand if it was a teenage kid but this bucket of lard?

      How lovely would it be to meet him on the street. We would have a nice chat Derek. Castration is the way for you son.

    • Personally the whole Fritzl thing is completely repulsive to me as a parent. One of the ways many people cope knowing what we do is to laugh in the face of adversity. It's the best way many nurses on A&E departments cope. It's got nothing to do with trying to upset people, it's got everyting to do with enabling them to move on and help the next patient. I couldn't cope with some of the stuff my missus has had to cope with working in SCBU and more recently as a special needs teacher. Just too upsetting.

      Laughter sometimes is the best medicine, it doesn't cure all ills though. That much is obvious.

    • I agree entirely John. But you forget that some of these posters who have knocked you for your post, are Saints and Angels. It's a shame some of them never took a vow of silence.

      Good post.Funny gallows type humour.It's what we Brits are famous for.Laughing in the face of adversity.

    • Guy goes into a library and asks the assistant:

      "I'm looking for a book on Tourettes Syndrome"

      The assistant replies:

      The guys says:

      "Yes, thats the one"

    • With a face like yours, you haven't got much of a choice have ya?!

      hahaha....now now...where's your sense of humour !!

    • My mother-in-law came round earlier this evening......That's the last time I buy cheap chloraform from the supermarket.

      Cheers Roy. Gonna be doing my usual weekly jaunt down to Brizzle tomorrow. Got a meeting down at Burges Salmon. Will stick me V's up when passing junction 14. :-)

    • Mrs Miggins, a pie shop owner of the same name, is to join the ever growing list of people claiming compensation in the Tevez deal.

      According to the wily old crow, "Leeds United wanted to buy Dean Windass, he's a well known pie eater, but because Tevez played for the Hammers and Sheffield United got relegated instead, Leeds United didn't get no money for Rob Ulse and some other geezers. So you see, no money, no fat Windass and no Windass, no pies sold by Mrs Miggins!"

      Windass is known to be a 2 pie a day man during the summer break so Mrs Miggins, 84, stood to lose a substantial figure. Her pies normally retail at 56p each or 2 for 90p so Windass would have shelled out £6.30 a week for at least 8 weeks, in total a mind boggling £50.40 !

      "I might accept a straight £50," said Mrs Miggins, "but only if me bunions aren't playin up."