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    Awful Truth On Immigration


    As Gordon Browns leading Ecological advisor warns that Britain can only sustain 30 million of our own, studis prove that immigrants are pushing our country to breaking point and a population into the 70 millions..

    English is not the first language of more than half a million pupils in Britain's primary schools. The language spoken at home by 567,888 children aged between four and 11 could be any one of the hundreds of foreign languages now used by migrants from across the globe who have settled in this country.

    No one should be surprised by the statistic, because it is a straightforward consequence of the enormous amount of migration into Britain over the past decade: the more foreigners who come here to live, the more of their children will be educated in British schools – and the more our schools will have to deal with pupils whose first language is not English or who do not speak it at all.

    The population of Britain will be 70 million by 2028. Frank Field and Nicholas Soames, two MPs from the Cross-Party Group on Balanced Migration, are unequivocal about the seriousness of the situation,

    "We are," they say, "facing a population crisis."

    The reason why people from developing countries want to live here is obvious: life is better here than in the impoverished countries from which they came. But that is true of all the developed economies of Europe. All are much better places in which to live than the nations of Africa, for instance, or the Indian subcontinent.

    So what explains why so many immigrants target Britain, and why there are such queues at the Sangatte centre in France to get across the Channel to England?

    Word has got out that Britain is more hospitable to immigrants than other European countries – which it is. The legacy of empire means we are more used to receiving them and are more willing to integrate them. One of the great virtues of the British people is their tolerance.
    Add the fact that it is easier for immigrants who arrive here to claim benefits, get council housing and access health and education services for themselves and their children and it becomes clear why Britain is a target for migrants.


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