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    Pole-axed, Polish #$%$ Driver Kills 4


    Four members of a family were killed in a head-on crash with a car driving the wrong direction up a motorway.

    The mother, her grown-up children and their uncle were driving home from a family gathering when their Jaguar smashed into a lone driver, who was also killed.

    The Polish man appeared to have performed an illegal U-turn on the M1 and was driving his Volkswagen Passat north up the southbound carriageway.


    Cheers, Derek

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    • No sleeping while driving lol that is priceless mate! It goes on my office wall tomorrow!

    • If they make foreigners take a test before allowing them to drive, Britain would lose a section of the tourist industry who go there to drive around, no-one is going to book a road trip around Britain if they have to take a test first.

      What about foreign truckies delivering to Britain?

      To be even handed, British drivers should be made to take a test before they're allowed to drive overseas too, that'd #$%$ 'em up.

      John, I took a driving test in India over 30 years ago, in a taxi, with the taxi driver in the back seat giving me tips on when to toot the horn, and how to drive around cows.

      There were no tasks to perform, like three point turns, reverse parking or hill starts, just driving around without hitting anything.

      We drove around Bombay for about 15 minutes, no written or oral tests, but the examiner would point to a road sign, when he could find one, and ask you what it meant.

      This came in handy when driving up into Manali, there was a sign on a hairpin bend that read "No Sleeping Whilst Driving".

    • On the subject of licences, I remember some time ago hearing that the test in India consisted of driving in a straight line for 200yrds, and executing a right hand turn, before coming to a safe stop. That's it passed!

      On the subject of Polish drivers. I have a mate of mine who used to be shift manager of a logistics firm near here, called Wincanton. He said that they used to employ Polish drivers as there was a shortage of British ones. The problem was keeping them. As he says it, they used to:-

      1. Get the job.
      2. Save a bit of money.
      3. Rent a house.
      4. Bring the family over.
      5. Work for upto six months, paying taxes etc.
      6. Go on the sick.

      Reason was, his rent got paid, bills paid, and he got benefits. This was one of the reasons the whole SSP got changed to SIB. The rules are very harsh on those who can still do work of some kind.

    • Drole Derek, very drole. :-)

      No below the belt intended mate. Leave that business to the women.

    • A terrible trajedy for the poor Polish man's family, they should have signs on the motorways saying 'No U-Turn".