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    Lovely Stuff, 322% More Blacks Searched


    Black people are almost eight times as likely as whites to be stopped and searched a decade after the Stephen Lawrence inquiry branded the police “institutionally racist”.

    Use of ordinary stop and search tactics in England and Wales rose sharply to more than one million in 2007-08, the highest figure since 1998.

    The rise has had a disproportionate impact on ethnic minorities. When Stephen Lawrence was murdered in 1993 black people were six times as likely to be stopped and searched as whites. By 2006/7, that had risen to seven times.

    Figures published by the Ministry of Justice yesterday for stops and searches in 2007/08 under Section 44 counter-terror laws were even starker. The number of people stopped and searched tripled in a year to 117,000 but fewer than1 per cent were arrested for alleged terrorism-related offences.

    There was a 322 per cent rise in black people stopped and searched, 277 per cent in Asians and 185 per cent in white people under anti-terror laws.


    Entirely correct and not before time. A welcome return to common sense Policing.

    Young Black criminals have ruined Tooting and London in general with their knife and gun crime.
    Targeting this Maggotry is something I applaud with gusto.

    Lovely Stuff, Bert 'cuffy' Merries (at your service)

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