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  • Commiserations. Barca didn't deserve that. Shocking performance by the officials.

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    • Commiserations.

    • Yep, Newcastle fan here. Chelsea were purely and simply robbed. Ok, the red card may have been a bad decision but two stonewall and a possible four penalties dismissed, outrageous, no excuse !

      Clearly UEFA had an agenda to avoid another all English final, disgusted !

      Video replays into football NOW !

      Real hard luck blues, you keep your heads up high.

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      • Ok fine. Two Clear Cut penalties for the blues. Two clear cut bad calls for barca - abidal red card and the blatant missed penalty in Barcelona. Call it even.

        Maybe if Chelsea actually played football and didn't play like a bunch of sissy's they would have taken the game. Yet they left it wide open for Barca to pounce.

        You don't give a team that has scored 150 goals this year a chance to score and win the game.

        I would be #$%$ at Chelsea's game plan more than anything.

      • A total joke. The ref should be banned. He bottled on the penalty decisions because he knew one penalty and it would have been bye bye Barca.

    • Im a spurs fan and I feel for you lot. The referee was brought I think. Now maybe we will get technology like most other sports

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      • You can moan all you want the truth is that the best team over the 2 legs won....the 1.5 billion neutrals who watched the game were happy that Barca won....

        Yes credit to Chelsea for their resillience...but at the highest level of Football thats not what the world wants to see.....apart from a few idiots in the british shores who know nothing about the beautiful game....

        Credit to Monsieur Palatini and Blatter for fixing this one...

    • Well he's certainly not a centre forward is he you touchy old #$%$. Where did i say that he took the place of bosingwa or cole? Don't tell me he's never played as a full back for chelsea cos i know he has. And even if he is as you say a holding midfielder you've just proved my point. Chelsea took off their striker against 10 men and brought on a defensive player. Dummy

    • My cage gets rattled when some know nothing #$%$ calls me a dummy after i've made a perfectly valid point. If you're saying that chelsea don't have one single player in their squad that's a better attacking option than belleti then abrahmovic has wasted a hell of a lot of money. If they have then they should've brought him on instead of bringing belleti. Once he came on chelsea had no attacking threat whatsoever which allowed barcelona to attack at will without fear of being hit on the break. They even pushed pique up front.
      And if the phrase "centre forward" really makes you laugh you need to get out more