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  • Agent of Chaos Agent of Chaos May 8, 2009 03:51 Flag

    Chelsea vs Barca My View!!!

    I have listened to the radio, watched sky sports news and i actually watched the game last night and i have to get it off my chest. First of all im sick of how this has become Chelsea deserved to lose because of Drogba missing chances, diving ect since when was chelsea a one man team and why should they be judged on one players antics, why not barca deserved to lose because Alvez is such a dirty player who should have been sent off for his half time protest which should be a yellow card plus the yellow he picked up for the foul on Malouda. Which comes to the sending off, no he did not foul Anelka, he tripped himself up, but he should have walked for the blatent pen that drog should have had. As for the pens that never came, malouda's was a 50/50 for me, the foul started out the box and the whistle was blown in the box which was a little confusing, the handball from Pique was a clear pen, no doubt at all and every ref that has been interviewed says it was a pen, Drogs was a clear pen and a sending off should have been issued and the fourth was a 50/50 but many think it was a pen as Eto'o jumped with his arm in the air which stopped the ball. Can someone tell me since when having 70% of the possession makes you a deserved winner? Barca did not have 1 shot on target till the last few minutes, they played most of the game in midfield, how does that make them the better team exactly? Why was Iniesta able to get away with taking off his shirt celebrating his goal without a booking? Why did 5 Barca players get away without been booked for surrounding the ref at half time? After the match the analysis from Jamie Redknapp and Souness was spot on and that is a rareity from two ex liverpool players but gullitt was in his own little world. The aftermath of the game is the top talking point and i would never stick up for Drogba for what he did but it was after the watershed and it has to go down to Sky Sports for getting stuck right in the middle of some ugly scenes, but also how is this any different to what we see on match of the day and seeing Rooney give refs the verbal every week? Ballack, well to be honest that made me laugh because ive never seen anything like it but i can understand his and Drogs emotions. As for the talk of a replay, it will never happen, the damage is done and last night has to be the biggest farce in european football to ever be seen. But it makes me laugh how they have tried to turn this round on Chelsea which is quite pathetic just to cover their own down right uglyness. Drogba for me has to go at the end of the season as do a couple of other players, his reputation has stained Chelsea and its not fair that a club has to suffer because of one mans reputation, seems like Ronaldo can do it as much as he likes but as Man U is the biggest commercial team in the world, everyone turns a blind eye to it, football is finished unless something is done about UEFA, Platini and how europeans view everything english.

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    • haha...sideshow done over by Bob, I luv it !!

    • Please if you can, watch the replay of Drogbas pen that never was and then tell me it was not a pen. Abidal is beaten easy by Drog who runs into the box 1 on 1 with the keeper, Abidal then grabs Drogs shirt and tries to pull him back (foul no1 and pen + sending off), he then tries to go for the ball and completely misses catching Drogs right leg and if Drogba does not keep his footing like he did as he genuinly tries for the goal its a definate pen and sending off as Abidal is the last man, this is going on as the keeper is bearing down on Drogba. Then the 3rd and final foul is another attempt like the second foul that does bring Drogba down and does not make contact with the ball and then the keeper jumps on the ball, its a clear pen and sending off, why is it nobody see's it? I have played and watched football for 15 years ive even ref'd a few games before and watching the replay, how the ref does not see that fron 15 yards away with a clear view of the players and the ball is just a complete joke and why is it the linesman did not flag for it either? He had a much better view and could see all 3 of the fouls in the box. Also the Anelka pen is a dead cert pen, Pique's body language says it all, if his arm did not stop the ball it would have dropped for anelka on the otherside of the player creating a perfect scoring opportunity. Farce!!!

    • Did I see.......now you are taking the mick! You know who I support......very snidey!

    • You should work for the Sun. Could you now give us your view's on how JUVENTUS were cheated out of the CL to make way for Chelsea.

    • I would just like to say wot a great piece of writing mate you have it spot on and i agree with every word said and UEFA do have a lot to think about i have never seen such a farce in all my life