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  • Agent of Chaos Agent of Chaos May 11, 2009 23:08 Flag

    Chelsea vs Barca My View!!!

    Please if you can, watch the replay of Drogbas pen that never was and then tell me it was not a pen. Abidal is beaten easy by Drog who runs into the box 1 on 1 with the keeper, Abidal then grabs Drogs shirt and tries to pull him back (foul no1 and pen + sending off), he then tries to go for the ball and completely misses catching Drogs right leg and if Drogba does not keep his footing like he did as he genuinly tries for the goal its a definate pen and sending off as Abidal is the last man, this is going on as the keeper is bearing down on Drogba. Then the 3rd and final foul is another attempt like the second foul that does bring Drogba down and does not make contact with the ball and then the keeper jumps on the ball, its a clear pen and sending off, why is it nobody see's it? I have played and watched football for 15 years ive even ref'd a few games before and watching the replay, how the ref does not see that fron 15 yards away with a clear view of the players and the ball is just a complete joke and why is it the linesman did not flag for it either? He had a much better view and could see all 3 of the fouls in the box. Also the Anelka pen is a dead cert pen, Pique's body language says it all, if his arm did not stop the ball it would have dropped for anelka on the otherside of the player creating a perfect scoring opportunity. Farce!!!

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