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  • joe joe Dec 28, 2011 17:02 Flag

    Adios Drogba

    tell you what, we'll be more than happy to scoop him up and take him to turin were he can play in the spankin brand new Juventus Arena! He needs a change! take a look at miro klose after his move to Lazio , he's playing and scoring like a young man!! benvenuto didier!!

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    • Joe, are you sure? "he needs a change" well he, yet again, theatrically changed his boots against Rottingham and... once more did nothing. Realistically Drogs has had two outstanding seasons and too many distinctly average... I've lost count of the times Chels appear to be play with 10 men while he exercises his celeb status... our trip to Marseilles was cringeworthy. Lets not forget he replaced Crespo, a true goal machine, who I believe is still scoring in Italy... Joe, you write perfect english, any chance of Italian lessons for me? Regards