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  • A Yahoo! User May 23, 2009 01:01 Flag

    Frank Lampard Chelsea's Player of the Year

    For the couple of months that you were struggling under­ Scolari, Frank virtually carried Chelsea on his back,­ easily your best player this season. While Gerrard­ scores great goals, Lampard is a great goalscorer and­ there's a huge difference between the­ two......15-20 goals EVERY SEASON FROM MIDFIELD­ doesn't lie.

    If Frank had two holding midfielders to play behind him­ like Gerrard, he would be miles better in that same­ position. Even from deeper in midfield, he's scored­ more and created more.

    Thats why Capello will always­ select him above Gerrard.

    He works for the team and­ does not seek personal glory unlike the other­ gentleman. Can't see why anyone would hate him.­ He's the humblest footballer I know and yes I AM­ NOT A CHELSEA FAN!