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  • Agent of Chaos Agent of Chaos Jun 3, 2009 03:56 Flag

    Signings for Chelsea

    Chelsea need a good creative midfield player to open the Chelsea style of play up, Zhirkov would be a good signing as we need some to back up Ash Cole and move him into midfield when Malouda is not playing well or injured. But most of all, to complete Chelsea they need a fast and powerful forward to tear defences to bits, dont know much about Pato at Milan but we need someone like Torres to stretch defences and make the opposition think twice about coming into an attacking game.

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    • Chelsea have more good players in team. But in my opinion, Chelsea need a good midfield player. Malouda is a good midfield player. But sometimes when he injure or playing not well, Chelsea will have a big problem. Zhirkov is a good choice for me. He playing in KSKA Mosco. He has more experience and shoot goals in more matches. I think, Chelsea have tripple-champs in next season, when he play in Chelsea SURE!!!. Ha...Ha...Ha!!, Chelsea is the best team.... Will you agree with me???