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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 18, 2009 20:09 Flag

    Attention Derek, Mikhail and co


    I have posted this on the Spurs board and thought you may want to join inn the fun... it's payback time and Butch has finally given himself away

    Alfie mate...

    I will give you 100 quid for either yourself or a charity of your choice IF you can provide me with the real names and whereabouts of Butch and Chris that in turn leads to swift justice.

    You have the details for both through their paypal accounts so do the right thing mate and deliver the goods.

    Alfie, these two bottomfeeders have ruined these boards and in the case of 'Butch' phished, scammed and harrassed people in real life for FOUR years.

    It's time this was stopped once and for all Alfie and you have the means to do so. Many others here will chip in money to cure these cancers as well, i am sure of that.

    No joke, no wind up, so do the right thing mate. What if it was YOUR family getting harrassed and your board ruined.

    These internet petty crims have to realise they can't hide behind a keyboard and get away with real life crimes any longer...

    I await your swift response to this urgent matter.

    This topic is deleted.
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