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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 16, 2009 22:38 Flag

    Does anybody know..............................

    It just gets me that when dogs should be getting the pasting he deserves, he's accused of being someone he's not, which pleases him no end because the accusations and insults fly straight over his head.

    And to make this place even more boring, you've got fatso posting threads, then replying as bert, cliff, buster, and a half dozen others, whilst the other silly condescending twats fall for it.

    Anyway, the boredom stops tomorrow, I fly over to Kuala Lumpur to watch the United team training, then the first game of the season on Saturday. Then Sunday off to Jakarta to see the next game on Monday.We haven't decided whether to carry on to Korea yet, we've heard tickets are changing hands for over $1,000.

    I'll be glad to get away from Tioman, I've put on about a stone, lazing around all day is fun for a while, but enough is enough.

    When are you off to Gallipoli?


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