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  • Puddytat Puddytat Aug 4, 2009 22:30 Flag

    dogs and the rest

    I am not dogs,i have one i.d.

    anything else is just paranoia

    i dont post because glitter ruined these boards

    i have the dogs,i do ebay


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    • "And i posed you a question about Dereks views on Blacks bringing or not bringing the house pricess down in an area................Good debating point............but again you were lacking in the civil debating ability."

      FFS, the more you post the stupider you get. Your "question" was just another of your validations of fatso's racism ... this time it was an attempt to justify YOUR post as questionmarx where you claimed you wouldn't like blacks as neighbours.

      Have a rest kipper, you've completely lost the plot.

    • Haha, here we go again ... "Derek told you he couldn't as it had been deleted" ... so fatso saying so makes it true?

      You really are as thick as #$%$ kipper ... it hasn't been deleted at all, YOU have it.

      Typical pathetic racist.

    • Fatso: Asians, Muslims, Obama, aboriginal, immigrant, Indian, Caribbean, Cameroonian, black, gorilla, disgusting ....

      Kipper: Derek tells it like it is.

      Conclusion: If you back a racist, and claim his racism is merely "how it is", you're a racist, QED.

      "Derek is he and he told u so."

      So fatso claims it's true, therefore it is?

      Are you really that dumb?

      Did he post with the original questionmarx ID, the one with a post history?

      Of course not, he posted with an ID he made up THAT DAY!

      There's only one person that can post with the original, and that's YOU!

      kipper = questionmarx = racist #$%$ .... CASE PROVEN.