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    Bollywood 'star' detained by US Officials

    NEW DELHI - Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan said Tuesday he will cut back on visits to the United States, especially with his family, after he was questioned by immigration officials at a New York-area airport.

    Khan was taken aside at Newark's Liberty International Airport on Friday for what officials said was routine questioning. They denied he was formally detained, saying the incident lasted barely more than an hour and was prolonged only because his bag had been lost by the airline.

    But the questioning set off outrage in India, where politicians, sports celebrities and film stars regularly receive VIP treatment at airports. Angry fans burned a U.S. flag and protested what they saw as ill-treatment of a beloved star, and politicians called for an investigation.

    The Muslim actor was promoting his latest film, "My Name is Khan," about racial profiling after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

    Khan told reporters Tuesday after returning to Mumbai that the incident had been "blown out of proportion." But he said the questioning — which included requests for the names of people who could vouch for him — embarrassed him.

    He said he will travel to the U.S. less frequently.

    "Of course I will visit the U.S. if I have to go for my work. But I will go less often. If I have three things to do, I will club them together and go just once," he said. "And certainly, I wouldn't like to travel with my family to the U.S."

    Big deal. I'm sure the USA will applaud your decision with great enthusiasm.

    Bollywood my #$%$. In the West your just another

    cheers, Derek

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    • Listen my deminished responsibility friend. Everyone knows that those who act tough behind the annonimity of a keyboard,are those who are frightened of their own shadow in the real world.

      See you Mr Lonely


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    • Please Yorkie Man, can you stop posting
      threatening messages to other Eurosport, Yahoo Sport,
      Yahoo Uk and Ireland, Chelsea Message Boards, Customers
      thank you . Please state your comments in a friendly manner.
      I appreciate your co-operation in this matter Yorkie.

      Cheers , Derek

    • "Everyone knows he lives local, so 1000's of miles would not apply."

      Do they turnip farmer?

      So ask Nige to check the IP address on the e-mails I've sent him.

      There's one thing for sure, YOU have never been 1000s of miles from anywhere, you've never even been to Kent!

      "Far and wide" to a turnip farmer is Devon and Dorset!

    • Does he/she/it play for Chelsea?

      If not. Why mention it here.

      Do you have no real life off of this football forum?

    • Derek having read your response to my response to your first mail, i now look at your comments in a different light entirely and as most of you other post, i now find it a fair point.

    • Evening Gents. Thank you for reading . And thank you for commenting. Sorry Happy Hammer if failed to meet your expectations. Let me clarify the 'bollywood my #$%$" comment.

      As anyone who has negotiated security control at any European Airport will attest ( and i don't imagine the USA is any less robust
      in this respect ) delays and unwarranted intrusions are part and parcel of air travel. I am an old man and as far from any known profile of a muslim terrorist than can be found and yet I am routinely debagged de-belted de-shoed , and delayed as the next man.

      The fact that this man is a superstar in India should cut no ice whatsoever. Anyone remember stacey keach? What about Diana Ross? All Genuine world wide stars who have been detained and jailed .

      This jumped up cooley is unknown outside of India.or asians.
      The sooner he gets that into his nut the better.

      Either that or forget international travel and enjoy a rickshaw ride.

      cheers, Derek

    • Normally Derek I read your posts and make no comment because they are mostly fair points but i feel on this occasion and your statement ' Bollywood my #$%$. In the West your just another suspect.' you are out of order....