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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Sep 4, 2009 04:41 Flag

    IF the ban stands in the current state...

    How do you think it will affect the team dynamic? Do you think your players will pull together and try to prove a point, or do you think this will cause unrest and some (particularly those who, shall we say, aren't getting any younger) will look to leave?

    My immediate thought was of Anelka, who was said to be unhappy because he wanted his contract extended (I think it's currently until summer 2011) but you have a policy of not offering 30+'s more than 1 year extensions, do you think this rule will change in light of this, and do you think Anelka will still want to do so? I would think the policy would change, but he's not known as Le Sulk for nothing (although in his defence I've not heard that used for a long time)...

    What are your thoguhts on all of this?

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    • Chelsea will pay Katuka's fine because it is severally and jointly shared.
      The ban will be reduced to a single transfer window which should be the January one, but if delayed til the summer one then we grab a couple of bench warmers in January (especially a proper bloody reserve keeper - Turnbull is dire - did you see the Villa reserve game?)

      Ballack, Zhirkov and Matacic will make up for the loss of Essien and Mikel.

      And Joe Cole and Sturridge can cover for the loss of Drogba and Kalou with Anelka playing a more prominent role. We don't hump the ball up to Drogba from deep any more and thus be reliant upon that aspect of his play.

      I see Zhirkov making quite an impact when he gets integrated. He was Man of the Match in the US Tour game when he scored our second goal against Milan

    • No problem with the team dynamic.
      They will most def close ranks as a group.
      Loaned players will come back and warm benches.
      Academy players will stay on and not be loaned out.
      Blessing in disguise.
      Roman can keep his readies in his back pocket.