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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 4, 2009 23:56 Flag

    Lockerbie ... Megrahi ... re-visited.

    Afternoon Razor.

    Look. Basically i am a nice guy but i can have a spiteful streak when i think it's deserved. Like you, when someone's post is deserving of proper debate, i will do so.

    I did think of answering Butchy's post in a proper respectful manner, as on the surface it looks worthy of debate. But you an I both know that had I done so, he would have posted back with all manner of insults.

    So in short i thought, what the heck!, too many people have tried and failed to get this guy to act in a normal courtious way towards others, so why bother giving him another chance?

    And Butch. That is why you are now not even unable to post something good and interesting, as everyone knows that a polite reply, if it offers a different angle, will be met with rudeness and a foul mouthed diatribe.

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    • And that is as far as I will go with him today.

      I'll just pop up,take his legs from under him and go on my merry way, leaving him to flounder about spouting inane rubbish!

      I was going to say he should stick to trying to look the big man by showing up spelling mistakes. But even that gets thrown right back at him.

      Cue the floundering fool!