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    Washington Times On The EUSSR


    In a Washington Times editorial Paul Belien
    wrote the following disturbing words..

    Liberty and democracy require limited governments, while supranationalism by definition tends toward unlimitedness.

    The former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky refers to the EU as the "EUSSR." He does so, he explains, because the former USSR and the EU share the same goal: the obliteration of nations.

    "The European Union, like the Soviet Union, cannot be democratized," he says. If the EU becomes a genuine state itis bound to be an evil empire, because there is no European nation.

    Belien concludes: "By seeking to extinguish national loyalty, the EU also destroys freedom, accountability and democracy."

    Does anyone really know who really orchestrated this deliberate creep into a superstate?

    First we had the ECSC Coal and steel community
    then the common market and now this .
    Who were the unseen architects? Was it the so called Bilderberger group?

    Because one thing is certain, it sure did not happen by accident.

    cheers, Derek

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