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    UK Fatso's Helicopter For Hospital Trip


    NHS bosses have looked into using a helicopter to airlift Paul Mason, who at 70 stone is thought to be the heaviest man in the world, to a specialist hospital in an attempt to save his life.

    Mr Mason, 48, a former engineer, is due to undergo surgery in the next few weeks in a bid to reduce his weight.

    NHS officials are trying to decide how to move him from his home in Ipswich, Suffolk, to a specialist unit for obese patients at St Richard's Hospital, Chichester, West Sussex, 152 miles away.

    Officials said that they considered a Chinook helicopter airlift, but it is now thought they will use a reinforced ambulance.

    Mr Mason is believed to suffer from an addiction to eating which means he finds it impossible to diet by himself. He once admitted eating up to 20,000 calories – including three family-sized takeaways – a day. A typical male adult eats 2,500 calories a day

    An NHS Suffolk spokesman said: "This patient is classed as super obese. It is most likely that he will be transported in a specialist bariatric ambulance.
    "The most important aspect of transporting him is preserving his dignity and looking after his safety. We have not had anything like this before."

    Mr Mason was hoisted out of his home in Ipswich in 2002 when he weighed 56 stone and needed to go to hospital for a hernia operation.

    A team of firemen had to remove his bedroom window as well as the bricks beneath it to get him out, before knocking down a neighbour's garden wall and fence so a forklift truck could be driven straight up to the ground floor flat.

    Mr Mason managed to get his weight down to 45 stone by cutting out his favourite takeaways, although it is understood his weight has piled on in the last few months.
    His widowed mother Janet, 78, who was wheelchair bound, is believed to have died around six weeks ago.

    Manuel Uribe, the Mexican widely acclaimed as the fattest man in the world, weighed 90 stone in his peak but lost a third of his body mass with the help of doctors.

    The heaviest man of all time was the American John Minnoch, who weighed in at 100.2 stone.

    chers, Derek

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