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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 27, 2009 00:48 Flag

    Is this how it should be?

    Oh come on Roy. A high percentage of ex-pats living abroad do work or get their pension sent there, i agrre with you on that point but there's a percentage of ex-pat Brits that do not. They steal, mug, rob, con, sell or traffic drugs, even murder, yes (shock horror) Brits out murdering other people, who'd have thought that with the Brits being so cultured and civilised?
    If you were to work out the percentages of offenders from outside the UK offending in the UK against that of ex-pat Brits or British citizens offending in foreign countries, those percentages would not be far apart.
    Many people that have to come to the UK from abroad DO contribute, many more that are British by birth and have always lived here do NOT!