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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 7, 2009 00:17 Flag

    Europe as it was.....Memories of Berlin

    I sent some time in Berlin when it was still West and East Germany, looking at it. Just watched a documentary on the fall of the wall, brought it all back.

    I went back to Berlin in 1990...it was commemorating the 1 year anniversary of the wall being pulled down. At the Brandenberg Gate, a market was being held by Russian troops selling off their kit, to try to raise money as they were skint. I looked like a Russian by the day's end.

    I also bought a long white German sausage 'Bratwurst und Saurkruat', on a bun, covered in mustard. It was disgusting. After one bite I decided to get rid...a passing German wearing an anorak with hood on the back provided a dustbin.

    Saw a German later wandering around with mustard all over his hair.

    Did I laugh..and still do!

    Poor sod. Bet he still hates the 'Dumkoff' that did that !