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  • NEMESIS NEMESIS Feb 9, 2010 05:07 Flag

    why man u fans are the breast rotf

    i sell you a story and you buy it everytime, are you so thick that you believe everything your told.
    i once rode a pink elephant bareback in paradise, did you know that?
    oh and i used to be brad pitts underpant stunt double pmsl

    you really cant grasp life and whats reality and whats fiction and whats underpants tho.

    i play you like a fiddle and you just keep on dancing tho and spelling OBSESSION wrong

    would you like my address, i will give it to you if you want it as i live on the man u board 24/7 tho?

    go on.....................you know you wanna go there and spam the place hahahahahahahaha....................tho