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  • John John Feb 16, 2010 17:18 Flag

    Straight out of a Robert Ludlum book


    Claims that British and Irish passport holders are part of a hit-squad wanted for an apparent assassination in Dubai, are being investigated by London and Dublin.

    He claimed the team, disguised in wigs, fake beards and tennis clothes, killed Hamas leader Mahmoud al Mabhouh in his hotel room last month.

    The police said a female assassin entered his room by posing as a member of hotel staff and put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door.

    The wanted group includes six British passport holders, three Irish, one French and an alleged German national.

    Lt Gen Tamim added that requests for arrest warrants have been made with Interpol.

    The Foreign Office says it is "seeking further information" following the claims, while Dublin says the Irish are "awaiting clarification".

    Speaking to journalists, the police chief outlined how he believed the assassination was carried out.

    He showed CCTV footage of the alleged hit-squad arriving on separate planes the day before al Mabhouh died.

    They booked into different hotels and disguised themselves to watch the Hamas commander check-in to his hotel, before booking a nearby room of their own.

    Five hours after arriving in Dubai, al Mabhouh was ambushed and killed.

    All of the suspects left the United Arab Emirates within 19 hours of arriving, it has been claimed.

    So. CIA anyone?