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  • An English dog-owner was fined and barred from driving for six months after taking his pet for a stroll while sitting behind the wheel of his car.

    Prosecutors said Paul Railton was spotted by a cyclist driving slowly along a country lane in December, holding his dog's leash through the car window as the animal trotted alongside.

    Railton pleaded guilty Monday to not being in proper control of a vehicle, but told the court that "a lot of people exercise their dogs in that manner."

    His lawyer, Paul Donoghue, said 23-year-old Railton acknowledged "it was a silly thing to do and there was an element of laziness." Donoghue was quoted by British newspapers as saying that his client "does not usually drive in such a manner."

    Railton was ordered by magistrates in Consett, northeast England, to pay a 66 pound fine, plus costs.

    He also received three penalty points on his driver's license and as a result of existing points is barred from driving for six months.

    "It is a joke," Railton said after the hearing, according to British newspaper The Sun. "I'm not bothered. I knew I would get three points. I might save myself some money not having a car."

    Several British newspapers reported that Railton was involved in an attempted murder case last year. He was reportedly due to stand trial in connection with a shooting in 2007, but the case was dismissed because of police misconduct.

    Lovely Stuff Tezza

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    • H Peter here.....

      hehehehe i couldn't help but laugh when i read Derek Marletts post, calling this guy a lazy git, this coming from a fat bloke who cant be bothered to turn and face the camera whilst having his picture taken....

      Back to the guy who got done, i cant see the problem walking a dog whilst driving slowly....If he is lazy then surely fat lads like Derek Martletts are lazy for going through the 'drive throughs' at Mcdonalds rather than getting out and walking to the counter.

    • Yes Spamalam. A lovely family I know who are not in any way
      low cherished a staff for 15 years before he died. When that do died he had never had a bad moment in his life he was a gem.
      They grieved a sthough they had lost a child so anyone who seeks ( as john does) to hate on a breed is a thick clot with no clue. Thanks spamalam you are bang on here.

    • I am being 100% honest Daz and not trying to wind anyone up with regards to Dog breeds.

      I have found the males of the Black Labs. to be a particularly nasty and vicious dog.

      I have upon once again reading through Johns post realised that his Black Lab is female and perhaps that is why he has not found my observation to be correct.

      I would also say that two of the breeds coming in for a lot of bad press of late (the English bull terrier and the Staffordshire bull terrier) were actually bred to be of particular good character when in human company.

      I have also found Jack Russels to be of a particularly nasty character as you point out in your post and i certainly would not trust this breed alone with small children.

    • Its True Spamalam. Labrador Retrievers are only second to pit bulls as the most vicious dog on the planet.

      TAMPA - What type of dog mauled a French woman so badly she underwent the world's first face transplant?

      If you said pit bull, good guess. But you're wrong. It was the loyal, likable breed known as the Labrador retriever.

      Pit bulls are indeed the top dog when it comes to biting people, at least in Hillsborough County. But they account for only about 15 percent of the total here.

      A list of dog bites from Hillsborough's Department of Animal Services, in fact, busts a lot of myths:

      - More than 100 different breeds of dogs bit people during the past 18 months.

      - Chihuahuas attacked more people than boxers.

      - Just like in France, the Labrador retriever stands out – coming in just behind pit pulls as the breed most likely to bite.

      And don't get Pam Perry started on Jack Russells or rat terriers.

      "Land sharks," scoffs Perry, investigations manager with animal services, using the label her staff has given the little dogs with the deceptively disarming demeanor.

      Pit bull bites, Perry figures, are roughly in proportion with the dog's numbers locally.

      Humans are to blame for the animal's reputation, said animal services' Marti Ryan: "Tying them up, teaching them to guard, neglect."

      "Pit bull terriers are the breed of choice for status," Ryan said. "Some people look at these dogs as a picture of toughness. They are actually human friendly and human loyal."

      The American Kennel Club recognizes 163 breeds of dogs, with another 12 granted partial status. The list of Hillsborough dog bites contains 103 types; their victims in the last 18 months number 2,400.

      Most often, victims are children 9 and under. About 425 on the local list are children younger than 12 months. Senior citizens and mail carriers also are frequent victims.

      Look close to home, rather than the mean streets, if you want to keep from getting bitten, Ryan advises.

      "Never leave a dog alone with a small child," Ryan said.

      Added Perry, "Across the board, the vast majority of horrific bites are from family dogs in the home."

      More safety advice from animal services: Get regular checkups for your dog to make sure it isn't in some kind of pain, get your dog neutered because neutered dogs are only a third as likely to bite, and be especially vigilant in summer when dog bites spike.

      Summer is when children are out of school, fireworks are popular and people visit one another more.

      The number of dog bites has risen in recent years, Ryan said, but she attributes much of that to an increase in human and animal populations and to a growing public awareness.

      People know the dangers some dogs can pose so they call animal services with their suspicions, she said. The phone number is (813) 744-5660. You can also leave a non-emergency e-mail message here.

      Animal services answers 300 to 400 service calls a day, Ryan said. The agency estimates Hillsborough has 500,000 to 600,000 pets, of which only 150,000 are registered.

      Producer Janine Dorsey can be reached at (813) 259-8015.

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    • Hark at you touchy!

      Granted i doubt i know as much as you when it comes to your four legged fiends.What i do know i stand by 100% and that is that in my experiance the black short haired variety (male sex) are a particularly nasty dog and i have personally witnessed this type of Lab. attack on more than one occassion and indeed had to fight two off on one occasion. On said occasion the owner of said dog actually tried to blame me for the offence even though my dog was on a leash and her dogs were not and ran up to me. After much kerfuffle a kick up her dogs #$%$ and a bite from my pedigree mutt she eventually leashed her mongrels and promptly fell #$%$ over tit in a pool of mud whilst trying in vain to control the rabid beasts whilst still shouting her mouth off.

      Sorry that you found my findings so offensive.

      Anyone would have thought i had had the audacity to have commented on your friend Butch the way you reacted to my findings on dodgy inbred pooches.

    • Dont be rude. I am not from a box no more than you are.
      If you chose to keep danger dogs then you are part of the problem.

    • Yes and the violent Labrador retrievers should be put down while we are about it.

      ERIE – Police shot and killed a family dog after it attacked and severely injured a 9-year-old boy on Monday.

      The dog, a black Labrador Retriever named Gordie, had been with the family for seven years and never had any problems with other people or kids, according to Amanda Jolliff, the boy’s mother.

      "I had that dog for seven years and he never showed any kind of aggression towards a human being at all," said Jolliff.

      According to Jolliff, her son, Josh, was playing outside when he heard Gordie whining while chained up.

      "He just started doing his puppy whining. Josh went over to pet him, to reassure him, 'It's okay.' The dog just snapped," said Jolliff.

      Josh went over to pet Gordie and the dog attacked, biting the right side of his head, left shoulder and left hand, Jolliff says.

      “Josh has thousands of stitches to his head, I would say,” said Jolliff. “His scalp was hanging on by the skin around his ear on the right side.”

      According to the family, the attack was unprovoked. The family was able to intervene and separate the dog from the boy, and the dog ran away from the area.

      “Just the night before, Josh and Gordie had slept together,” said Jolliff.

      Erie Police responded and within a few minutes attempted to catch the dog. However, as police attempted to catch the Labrador it charged the officer as if it were going to attack.

      Stop tarring whole breeds when it is clear that only the few turn

    • A strange thing with Labradors is the fact that the Black variety are of an entirely different nature to the Golden.

      The Black variety of Labrador (short haired) i a particularly nasty and vicious dog in character.

      The Golden variety extremely happy and friendly and an excellent dog on the whole.

      I have found the long haired variety to be much the same in character as the Golden Labs.

      Strange, but true.