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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 2, 2010 19:59 Flag

    Conspicuous be Abscence??

    Lesson in English needed here me think's Slayer.

    "The slimey account hackers are being investigated intensely by Yahoo"

    (Yahoo are looking at various accounts?)

    "All the evil that men do gets returned to them tenfold."

    #$%$ ?...Er...Begone evildoer's get back in the tradesman's entrance ?)

    "Sharp blades beckon for coward throats. Come out to play, come out to play"

    (Looks like a threat to me !)

    "Did you think that you left no fingerprints.....what a fool you are. Wreak what you sowed".

    "Arr...Forensics on the case !...Whatever 'YOU' sowed smells badly , Don't arf 'Wreak' eh !)

    Come out Mr...You are the 'Sharpest tool' !

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