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    Warning To Board Users re: Cairns

    I know this is a sensitive topic but I feel the following information needs to be put out to the public at every venue. The more people know about these preverts and their ways/forms of communication (especially with the internet!) the better chance they have from protect those children from child sexual preditors!

    This info is the best I have seen, both in Law Enforcement and to the Public. What you are about to see is a well organized conspiracy to have sex with children. It is a shame that we even have to deal with this but life demands it:

    Note to MODS. I put this under Current Events due to the on-going reports of clergy abuse and on-going reports in the media about this topic


    Please check these signs that pedos use and check against Cairns posts, I fear he may be a

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    • Originally the display name was only 'Derek M' - which was my display name at the time.

      Click the 'user profile' button and you got 'Derek Martletts' as the username.

      I took special interest because I had loads of board users asking me why I'd started spouting filth all of a sudden.

      Don't play stupid Fatty - at least be a man for once.

      ; )

    • You chose to stick your nose into something that wasn't your business.

      You also chose to clone my ID when you first came on these boards.

      You also chose to spout racist bile at every opportunity.

      So forgive me if I treat you with an amused disdain!

    • "Chill Out"

      Careful Del... you almost sound black there!

      Or like a beatnik!

      Tut tut! ; )

    • Shhhh Fatty...

      You've already declared that Fabby's your master, so I'll talk to the organ grinder, not the monkey if you don't mind!

      I never thought I'd see the day when somebody on these boards actually thought Fabby was anything other than a puerile little #$%$

      Still... just goes to show how easily the simple-minded can be led, eh?

      ; )

      PS... ask Fabby about Phibber's sometime! The breakdown that he had was MONUMENTAL!!!

    • Nah you're not, Fatty - you're absolutely steaming!

      You're beginning to sound like Fabby, now... he just limits himself to multiple HAHAHAHA's each and every time he gets bum-raped on 80% of Yahoo's boards.

      I always credited you with more intelligence than that #$%$ so I've got to say that you really have disappointed me.

      Or do you usually come across so meek in real life when confronted by a black man? ; )

      let me ask you a question though?

      Do you get out much? Or are you bed-bound?

      ; )

    • Oh dear... there he goes again! Showing off to Fatty...

      'pize prat'.

      Yep... even more evidence that you're thick as #$%$ as if your Phibbers debacle wasn't more than enough...

      Name calling... always the same when you get angry, isn't it Fabby?

      I reckon that you're about to start swearing again, too... bite down on that tongue hard, bantamweight!

      Always the same pattern with you.

      Tell you what... why don't you tell me that I'm on ignore for the, what... 80th time?

      Go on... do it, do it!!!

      ; )

    • Bitter???


      It's not me spouting daily bile about everything from 'them darkies' to 'pansies in the pulpits', now is it Grandad?

      Difference is... I'm the one laughing when I step out of my front door in the morning. You poke your fat backside out onto your doorstep and head straight back in muttering to yourself about 'things ain't what they used to be'.

      Let's face it... your biggest triumph is ruining a football board.

      So you keep laughing away... you're such a WINNER in life (cough cough).

      ; )

      PS. Watch the blood pressure, Fatty... don't put strain on your heart!

    • I presume nobody has been foolish enough to unlock the cutlery drawer.

      Watch out watch out 'Jambo Dereks' still about!

      "Ooooh your gay and racist"

      Oh the intellect!

      Nah Del.....

      Your just a pize prat with a chip on both shoulders.

      Much love.

    • I'm lovely and chilled - watching your 'boy' have yet another breakdown makes me smile from ear to ear!

      I guess you have no choice but to chill, right? I mean... what else can you do if you can't prise your fat backside out of it's chair!

      Isn't it time for you to scan through The Mail Online?

      ; )

    • Watching Fabby tie himself into knots in one of the funnier things in life!

      Watch him push himself to the limits of his (very) fragile sanity trying to 'OWN' this thread.

      He'll start losing his temper soon... or chucking out thinly veiling racists slurs or accusations of paedophilia soon!

      We all know that he's a racist who adores other racists like Morrisey (his favourite artist) and can't stop his silly mouth getting himself into trouble

      No wonder he has to make up a fantasy family - nobody can take him seriously in the 'real' world!

      At least he's got Fatty though - the big white Massa and he's little kenyan 'Boy'.

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