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  • rrichards rrichards May 27, 2010 23:50 Flag

    Dunkirk story


    An crusty old war veteran answers a knock on the door. A man standing there says hello
    Mr Biggings I'm from the war compensation department and I've come to review your case for compensation.
    The old man says "You've got a cheek -you must be F*******g joking - the wars been over 60 years and only now you come telling me about" compensation..

    The man from the FCD say"but..but'

    The old man says never mind f*******g BUT-- I'll tell you what, You give me a pound for every inch from the end of me #$%$ to me balls"

    The man from the WCD said" Well if that's what you want. please take down your trousers"

    The old man drops his trousers and the man from WCD gets out a tape messure and presses on his bell-end then rolls it up his #$%$...and then gasps..

    Where's your balls Mr Biggins - he said "ON THE F******G BEACH IN DUNKIRK