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  • keyword keyword May 30, 2010 23:37 Flag

    How far does £15,000 go?

    As the nation weeps in sympathy at the exposure of Fat Fergie as a corrupt drunken piece of tripe.
    I wonder if anyone has done the numbers on her claim that is all she has to live on?

    That works out at about £1200 per month

    She drinks wine with extrme ease which costs £95.00 a bottle and does drink the whole bottle before she orders another one. £285 (one night)

    Flight to Cannes 1st Class £1000
    Overnight accommodation with food and drink £1500.
    Flight to US 1st Class £2000

    So by my calculations that add up to over £5000 expenditure over a couple of days.

    Can there be a more disgusting person in the news at the moment?

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