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  • Surely Butch what you're talking about here is 'behaviourism', an american invention, works well on pigeons but not so well on humans because not all humans lack the intelligence to understand what's going on. Its preferable to prison sentences i grant you but dont be misled into thinking its an answer or solution to this problem.

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    • This is rehabilitating prisoners IN prison, not an alternative, and no suggestion that it should lead to a reduced sentence.

      I don't know where you get 'behaviourism' from, this is working on prisoners to try and stop them from re-offending by offering them education and, in some cases, skills needed to find work.

      At the moment there is no attempt to rehabilitate prisoners in Australia, I don't know the situation in the UK but I can't imagine it's much, if any, different.

      Prison makes full time criminals out of petty criminals because they learn where they made mistakes, and learn how to do it properly.

      Every criminal you rehabilitate is at least one more person you save from becoming a victim.


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      • Yes I understand that its rehab whilst in prison but surely the point is crimes are being commited on a wide and varied scale constantly and what you're suggesting, although be it a noble thought, is to close the barn door after the horse has bolted? I agree with you it will work on some but not on others, in some others it will just 'sharpen the knife' as it were. The root of the problem needs to be cut away and not the plucking of the weed head as it appears above the soil.