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  • i'm not demeaning it in the slightest.
    Yes I am suggesting that in some (albeit) small percentage of criminals, there would be a using of the system of rehab in various forms and so become better criminals.
    My suggestion to cut out the 'root' is a radical reform in the education system.
    Educating a child from birth to know who he is, what he is, what socierty is, what his place in society is. I feel the reason there is so much crime is that the human has no real idea as to 'who' or 'what' he is, he has little or no understanding of himself or society, society is simply my relationship to you.
    I'm not saying what you're saying is a bad idea as a temp (for now) measure, in fact it is a good idea. However what i am saying is that if your idea of rehab is to continue, then crime comtinues because you are purely offering rehab to one that has already commited crime, hence, 'closing the bran door after the horse has bolted'.
    Making mistakes as a child is learning, if they have the basic understandings of life and themselves, those 'errs' wouldn't become bigger ones, the pattern would be broken, then there would be less crime and far fewer criminals.
    I'm not playing semantics, i'm not offering this just to be in opposition to you, there is truth in what i'm saying and its easy to see if one were to remove the blinkers. And no, i'm not saying you're blinkered, i mean generally.