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  • I'm not saying 'who' conditions people to commit crime, i'm trying to convey that conditioning itself is a factor in crime. Either one conforms to conditioning or one rejects it and in many many cases those that reject conditioning and not having the understanding of 'who' and 'what' they are, commit crime. I agree with what you're saying, i think were looking at the same thing but from different perspectives, thats all.
    I see no hope for mankind really, it appears to me that mankind drops his sense of self or his ego only when there's a disaster of some kind. and all i'm saying is, if this sense of self, this sense of ego were taught, was understood from an early age things would look different.
    But, again as you hiint at, that takes responsibilty, the responsibilty for each of us to be fully aware of 'who' we are, of our place in society, of what society is, to be actively responsible for themselves and for their understanding of their own mind and teach and learn as they go. and it seems to me that this responsibilty, to be an intelligent human rather than an intellectual one is just too bigger job.