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    Is this Racism?

    Dear Chairman Derek,
    A couple of events which occurred over the past 2 weeks have got me concerned.

    1. I was in my local library using a PC sat next to 2 girls about 16 who were dressed in black Muslim garb using the next computers. I heard a giggle and could not help but look at their PC on which there was a internet page called F*CK The Heroes. I did consider reporting it to the library assistant but I was worried that I'd be called a racist snoop.

    2. Last Saturday, was a beautiful day. I drove to the beach with my family. The beach was crowded so we could only park out tent about 15 metres from the disbable parking space which was right next to the beach entrance. After a while a car alarm went off causing a lot of mayhem. It happened to come from a black Range Rover with tinted windows which was parked in the 2nd to last disbaled bay. To distnce ourselves from the nosie we decised to go bathing in the sea which was about 150 meters away. When I got there a noticed an Asian group enjoying them selves jumping about in the water like antelopes ( I only noted this because the 2 males and 7 females were fully dressed running about in the water).
    After an hour or so playing in the water we went back to our place and the car alsrm was still going so we decided to call it a day and leave. As we were packing up the Asian group (India or Pakistan) came across to the car park and stood by the black jeep. The Matriarch of the group started shouting for some time for the rest of the group to gather , it then totalled 7 women in Saria and 2 men in pyjama bottoms an dwhite tees shirt. They opened the door of the jeep and switched the alarm off, rubbed down with towels without changing and got into the car (Yes 10 of them) and throttled off out of the parking area and into the sunset. I did consider taking the plate number of this car and taking a camera shot but I thought I'd be accused of being a racist snoop.

    In both of these events (100% genuine) I was seriously p*ssed off.

    Chairman Derek tell me: Does that make me racist?
    Please advise

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    • Joker,there are more than him on here who need help.

    • Is keyword, martletts and bert, all the same person? coz thats how it looks to me. #$%$ i only came on the chelsea board to see what was being said about England last night for chissake. If they are all one and the same person, which i suspect they are, the guy or whatever it is needs help.

    • Aah! Sean O'R...
      another brother from the gutter.

    • Why do you refer to yourself in the third person bert/fatso?

      Kind Regards, Bert "Cuffy" Merries (at your service)

    • Aaahh, Disgusting Stuff!

      How dare you sign off using Derek's designation!

      You housebound hick!

      Kind Regards, Bert "Cuffy" Merries (at your service)

    • keyword, you are obviously not British, so why don't you #$%$ off and mind your own business, we've got too many people like you here already, and take your #$%$ family with you.

      Cheers, Derek.

    • Joker you’re a prattling pillock who wouldn't know evidence if it came up and thwacked you on the head with a baton.

      Hysterical screams about racism, English lout behaviour, NOTW readers --- and the turns round to Derek on last post weeping "you're entitled to your opinion" FFS

      My stance from the start is that the country (UK) is being overburdened by immigration which is bringing along dependency & unwanted customs from their homelands (the Greeks do not like paying tax FACT),

      The downward spiral in UK cannot merely be a coincidence alongside the open gate immigration.
      Last year after a spate of knifings in London the newspapers displayed photo shots of 50 of the 'victims'.
      Of the fifty - thirty eight of the individuals were of a dusky hue.
      Of the remaining 12 with Caucasian traits six had Eastern European names.

      Joker there is a scientific term for matching evidence with facts it's called
      Dictionary cor•re•la•tion

      1. mutual relation of two or more things, parts, etc.
      2. Statistics . the degree to which two or more attributes or measurements on the same group of elements show a tendency to vary together

      So before you come back with your racist #$%$ do a bit of research.

      I lived in Asia for 10 years and travelled around the region on a twice a month basis.

      Fond Memories No. 1.
      After getting off my flight a Bangalore I was waiting outside on taxi rank I stood next to a rail - and within seconds I could feel someone touch me - I turned around and this Indian gentleman just had to happen to his arm full length into my small back pack . I chased him off with some English expletive which he seemed to have heard before
      No doubt you will say he was looking for his car keys

    • well that's your opinion Derek, you're allowed that. I will be interested in watching to see if you pick up similar 'hackneyed phrases' from your chums though.

    • says it all really, you're a NOTW and probably The Sun reader. both you and derek are racists and bigots, you're both scared of anything that differs from you. if, when you'd (supposedly) travelled to India and other places in Asia and stayed for more than a 2 week package holiday, you'd have some idea as to why the police do what they do but you simply base your judgements on comparison to your middle class British security, also you have the nerve to say 'British non dependance', you're a joke, Britain is the nanny state, with the state protecting bigots like you from reality......grow up.

    • JOKER & CO.. It doesn't trouble me to that you believe anything.. I watched it on the streets in India pot bellied policemen with sticks controlling the areas. Just as I've seen in other Asian this time not India countries the police beating up street vendors outside a hotel and scattering all of their wares over the road ( we actually compained to the authorities), also police thwacking kids across the shins with batons as a means of crowd control on a new years festival...
      Ironically the post is more about your own despising of British underclass#$%$ who travel abraod to places like Spain. They are Britains problem and Britain should use its laws to deal with them- what we don't need is the detritus from other countries coming over and overloading our own system.
      Isn't it strange that people come to UK to escape from countries locked in medieval timewarps but take full advantage and abuse of modern day civil standards and non dependency of this country?

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