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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 27, 2010 23:26 Flag

    Barry, Milner and Upson

    Not international class.

    and Heskey?

    not a goal-scorer???

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    • Its game up for the manager and most of the squad.
      They went out even without a muffled squeal never mind a shout

      I'd admired what Capello had done and thought he was the right man - he clearly isn't. It looked like a pedestrian Italian tactical performance and it exposed his mind set. He is finished no matter what the FA decide in 2 weeks - because he has lost the support of the British/English public.

      Barry, Upson, Johnson, WP, Heskey, Defoe, J.Cole, Carragher are exposed way above their level.

      Milner was borderline and has age on his side as was Rooney whose hype totally misfired/back fired didn't fire - that will mark his reputation forever.
      If I had to pick an internatonal squad of 23 player for an international I would only include: Gerrard, Rooney, Terry, Lampard,Crouch, Milner and Hart/James out of this lot.

      We hear excuses that the players were too tired
      after a long EPL season; Well there s clear response to that
      Tevez plays in the EPL and he was on fire yesterday against Mexico- he wasn't showing any signs of fatigue of even jet -lag.

      Next manager on the roundabout will only be for convenience and I reckon it will be Stuart Pearce
      I bet a few of the the people who missed out (Scholes, Bent, Ferdinand are relived that they are not associated with this mob)