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  • PAT B PAT B Jul 1, 2010 05:19 Flag

    More Holies

    Following a tragic accident Arsene Wenger Alec Ferguson and Jose Mourinho end up at the Pearly Gates....just go with me for a bit ..please

    As St Peter is on his way back from Glastonbury God himself invites them in to state their cases for entrance.
    ' Give me three things that you consider greatest in humanity' he says
    Wenger scratches his chin pulls a long face, yes that long face, and says
    ' Honour Honesty and Humility'
    God laughs a heartly laugh , think Brian Blessed in an echo chamber, and invites him in.
    Sir Alec steps up, checks his watch, chews gum, yes that gum, and says
    ' Passion, Courage and Commitment'
    God lays an almighty hand , get it, on his back and says ' Go on in my son'
    All this time Mourinho is staring at God in an angry fashion, which concerns the deity
    ' Before your three virtues, tell me my little friend what is it that disturbs you?' God asks
    Jose looks at him and says
    ' Why are you sitting in my seat you #$%$'?