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  • L L Jul 7, 2010 21:25 Flag

    Why do Chelsea accept a #$%$ as their captain?

    His private life should have nothing to do with it. He would have taken England further in the World Cup than the non entity Gerrard had he been kept as captain.
    It is time that all celebs were treated on the merits of their professional behaviour, rather than their private lives, as long as they act within the law.
    JT will always be captain, leader legend for his services to CFC

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    • It has nothing to do with private life "Character/integrity/behaviour/"???

      We are not talking abut anything sexual - it is about a low-life making a livng on the back of brand products which are supposed to represent CLASS and quality.

      Selling hospitality boxes is against the sirit and values of the being a engalnd team captain (FRAUD)

      Taking money from people for vists to exclusive places in chelsea football club and not declaring to the owners is (THEFT)

      the only thing that can be said in terrys defence is that he is the rreslut of breeding with between subculture male and female low - lifes (mammy and daddy say no more.

      I dont think he should represnt quality, brands, fairness, sportsmanship or any thing else.