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    Cow's milk to be phased out in UK?

    This latest report might be the first step in camel's milk to replace cow's milk in order not to offend the ethnic guests.


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    • keyword or martletts or whatever you rname is, why do you hide behind an id where you 'claim' to be female?
      I dont care if people send free meds back to their homeland, i dont care about the £11B or the area you call 'little lagos'. I dont care about the guy who gets £8000 per month for his property...There, is that coherent enough for you?
      I didn't vote the corrupt government in that made all this possible, YOU DID.
      I do live within a corrupt system, as do YOU.
      Why on Earth would you think of writing all your petty moans onto a football forum in the first place? I can only offer 3 options to you;
      1. If you're frightened, which you obviously are, write and tell your MP, as corrupt as he is, he may be still able to help you.
      2. Become an MP and rid Britain and its governments corruption yourself.
      3. Shut the #$%$ up, grow up and deal with life you moaning #$%$

    • JoKe.. You just don’t get it do you? From the diatribe that comes from you -you’re obviously a snivelling little paranoid, parasitical oxygen thief
      Had you responded intelligently to any of the examples of hypocrisy, corruption, divisiveness, or delusion,
      I may perhaps have considered you to have a quarter of a grain of credibility. Also, had you acknowledged the comments about: female castration, shipping free medication gained under false pretences back to home land or... the fact that the UK economy is burdened by and estimated £11Bn of carried out by Nigerian gangs resident in UK. Apparently there is now an area of London called ‘Little Lagos”... and it is said to be so bad there that the authorities think that if ‘Jungle Law’ was enforced it would make for an improvement in the social behaviour... You offer no coherent response.

      Britain. Despite its faults, is one of the fairest and most tolerant societies in the world. The decline and problems now stem from a reversal of attitudes who talk about rights and respects without taking responsibility (i.e. Somalian arriving in UK in 1999 with wife and 4 children, still unemployed has sired 3 more children and says it is his right to live in a 8000 pounds per month property + benefits).

      Anyone being invited to live I this country should live by. 1st Responsibility 2nd Respect and then talk about Rights. That goes also for a lot of our own indigenous perennial dependency population.

      You portray yourself as some kind of ‘martyr’ stuck in an ‘infidel’ State who is continually persecuted by a corrupt system. Your blinker blindness holds no hope and I will not waste any more time with your sewage.\

      Finally as a generous parting gesture I will advise you of a medieval remedy still used in far-off lands to improve clarity and vision.
      Step one; Steep your head in a bucket full of liquefied camel #$%$ and take 3 breaths. Repeat 3 times daily.

      If there is no improvement - book one way *flight to Somali, Nigeria, etc… (Ticket availability is said to be VERY, VERY GOOD)

    • Petty 'keyword', I'm neither bitter nor angry, the only way you could possibly use that is if you see it as your own psychological reflection. You wouldn't be aware of it because you're narrow, petty and ultimately ignorant.
      I notice you've chosen to ignore my questions to your previous statements. You mention Oxfam and red cross both 'charities' are corrupt as are all organised charities and as are you.
      I've been out to many underdeveloped countries and worked alone in a variety of roles. You on the other hand and obviously i can only read between the lines here, but you appear to have gone out to such places (if it's true) still secure in your tight little bubble along with your security blanket (both psychological and physical). You are a waster, a pathetic do-gooder that doesn't actually do any good at all.
      Now calm yourself down, have a drink of cows mucus and answer my previous questions you shallow intellectual.

    • Keep it up keyword.
      Impassioned, accurate
      and twenty-first century.

    • 'Joke'
      Your ignorance is only further exposed by your apparent anger and bitterness.
      I have long enjoyed the hospitality, ingenuity, kindness of and good spirit in foreign lands (which you are cleary devoid of)- and have the greatest respect for human ability to deal with hardship.
      Had I thought you were someone of potential of logical thinking(which I don't). I would have advised you to reflect on your good fortune in being in a civilised country where you are able to freely voice your opinions without endangering yourself family or other interests.
      (And, perhaps if I was debating with someone with courage and conviction (I' don't), they might 'walk the talk' and travel out to these underdeveloped countries and work with agencies such as Oxfam, Red Cross etc..and help the country develop its living conditions, education, health and social systems which, over a period of centuries, might make their own homeland safe and secure to live in rather than having to flee from it..

      NOTE I do think it is futile for UK forces and other from developed countries to invade and try and move these culture forward from 1000 to 2010 - just the same as I feel that it is futile to believe that these people can flee to UK and other democracies and take it back to the year 1000 and back.)
      * Don't you think(not you Joke - I mean somebody who is capable of thinking) that its ironic that Saddam Hussein was
      a cruel tyrant who killed many people, but the Iraqis seem to be even more effective in killing each other than he ever was?

    • "Hypocrite, Deluded, Divisive and Corrupt would squarely encompass the whole outline of the attributes of yor character"

      You know nothing of my character, you know nothing about me at all. You're being judgemental.

      "Selling alcohol and cigarettes from newsagents despite it being against your religious beliefs"

      Are you suggesting Christians do everything their 'religion' implies they should?

      "Parasiting off a system which you despise"

      Are you suggesting Britains don't do this, even to their own countries system?

      "Fleeing your own country and then abusing host country"

      Are you hinting that Britains don't do this too?

      "Freely supporting homicidal acts whilst talking of creating paradise"

      Isn't this exactly wahat the US president and the British PM have done and continue to do?

      "Using your race as a meant to gain sympathy and advantage over others"

      Isn't this exectly what YOU are doing in this post and every other thread you post in?

      "Treat women like inferior beings"

      British men don't do this then?

      "Live by Castes system which ranks people to the ‘lowest of the low’"

      The British dont have a class system then, working class (poor), middle class, upper class?

      Allow people of better financial means freedom from law enforced on poorer people"

      And this doesn't happen in Britain?

      "That people can walk on water"

      Could I not go to any nice English church on sunday morning and ask 'could jesus walk on water?' would these nice British people laugh at me?

      You're a bigot 'keyword', you cannot or will not answer my questions because you don't want to look....You're a small, petty, limited person, an ignorant bigot is a better description. you haven't answered my last questions and you probably wont answer these..........You're an idiot, a conditioned, narrow, blind, petty, consciousness limited idiot.

    • "joker" text
      Hypocrite, Deluded, Divisive and Corrupt would squarely encompass the whole outline of the attributes of yor character
      Treat women like inferior beings
      Live by Castes system which ranks people to the ‘lowest of the low’
      Force women to stay indoors to do the dirty work
      Accept that the word of 1 man is equal to the word of 4 women
      Allow people of better financial means freedom from law enforced on poorer people
      Allow people to accept blood money in exchange for justice
      Mutilating the clitoris’ of young females
      Believe that there is a ‘chosen race”
      Drive airplane into the twin towers
      Massacre hundreds of people in cold blood watching the world cup

      That the world is flat
      Those horses can grow wings and fly
      Those men can grow wings and fly
      That people can walk on water
      Going to church, abstaining from bacon, growing a beard will ensure happiness in paradise
      Paradise consists of river flowing with wine (non drinkers???) & issue of 72 virgins to every martyr
      That the word of ancient and medieval characters is the truth

      Selling alcohol and cigarettes from newsagents despite it being against your religious beliefs
      Parasiting off a system which you despise
      Fleeing your own country and then abusing host country
      Abusing a social system which is set to protect the genuinely needy
      Freely supporting homicidal acts whilst talking of creating paradise
      Shipping free medical prescriptions allocated to you under false pretences back to your homeland for financial gain.
      Using your race as a meant to gain sympathy and advantage over others
      Requesting/demanding lower standards be accepted from yourself be accepted than others of the host nation
      Escaping from Medieval existence and then asking that be the standards are brought to you the country which give you shelter.

    • You (keyword) are either deluded or just a hypocrite. Are you suggesting that Britain is not corrupt? Do you honestly believe that Britain in its dealing with 'allowing' foreign nationals to live in Britain was done purely on compassionate grounds? Are you suggesting Britian as a country is compassionate? Are you not conditioned? Is Britain without its poor or conditioned, is it without corruption of any kind?
      "Abusing our troops", so in your mind 'your' troops are all white British born and bred with good old British roots that run back for 'centuries' boys and girls then are they? Are you suggesting that 'your' troops are compassionate and what they are doing is for the good of all?
      If you see yourself divided from another in any way, whether it be socially, racially, religiously, politically, nationally or any other way, if you believe yourself to be separate in any way, you cannot be compassionate and you cannot be without corruption, all division of any kind IS corruption.

    • Britain needs to deal with its own problems. Unfortunately it has allowed itself to be a feeding station for anyone who wants an easier life than in their homeland. The responses of the people you mention only reflect the general opinion on the street from normal people who have contributed to normal life only to find themselves pushed to the back of the queue by flocks of dependency immigrants who know that this civilised country will give them shelter and support and human rights way above the standards of their homeland. (See case of Somalian living on 8000 per month house free + benefits saying it is "his right")

      Be careful with your use of the term “most” i.e. more than 50%
      Though the NHS(doctors/surgeons) has high number of foreign staff have come from foreign lands but it is certainly not any anywhere near ‘most’ +50% - and there are many examples where these professionals are respected in their field worldwide but there are continual example of cases where their level of expertise is not equivalent to modern western standards. Many come to UK (a) because there is demand to cope with the burden on the NHS by immigrants (b) better wages and standard of living. I have spent almost a decade in Asia and also time in Africa I have had close experience of the medical standards and facilities – I find it the standards shocking with much of the conditions I have witnessed and also the general attitude towards those in need (if they don’t have some money).

      Britain is indeed a highly stressed society with high numbers of conditions that go alongside it (Glasgow has one of the highest rates of heart conditions in the world) and modern society needs to address this urgently. These modern sicknesses are not only akin to developed countries. India has one of the world’s highest rates of diabetes. Whilst poverty, malnutrition and some diseases may have been eliminated in the developed world it stills exists in undeveloped countries along with rampant corruption.
      Poverty, security/human rights, malnutrition and corruption as said to be the main causes of people fleeing or leaving their homelands. Unfortunately with this movement of people they bring with them the ‘conditioning’ they have had from less a less civilised society which soaked in corruption and rules of the jungle. They find it difficult to undo this conditioning –and that is probably one of the reasons that Somalian gangs wander the streets of cities in Britain armed with machetes – They cannot undo what they have been condition to at homes.

      Along with the violence, gang law, there are burquas, open air burials, female castrations, revenge killings,beheadings, witchcraft, religious fanaticism. It is ironic that they carry this baggage from a country that they are fleeing from – and then try to change the UK to liken it ot the place they ran from!!!!!
      QUESTION: Do you not think that its a bit like running from a burning house and carrying the fire place with you?
      My impression of the other respondent (joker) in this thread is of someone who arrived in UK but has his baggage which he can’t let go of and has an inbred animosity towards the UK culture.

      Like most other people I find it offensive when people abuse a system which has shown compassion. And behave in ways which would not be tolerated in their own motherland. On top of that; standing on the streets abusing our troops on their return home’. The majority opinion in the street feels this way about the current situation that is causing the rapid decay of this country.

    • Good, i hope cows milk is phased out, that mucus you call cows milk is bad for you.